Genesis Motor North America COO Claudia Marquez On Why The Car Brand Is Seeing Such Success

Genesis is rapidly growing its market share as it demonstrates Korean luxury on a global scale, with an ever-increasing presence in the North American market. There is no doubt that part of this success is due to the executive leadership of Claudia Marquez, the Genesis Motor North America Chief Operating Officer. She assumed her new role in 2021 and has nearly three decades of experience in the automotive industry having worked in various leadership positions for both Nissan Motor Company and BMW Group.

carAs part of the Hyundai Motor Group, Genesis became its own standalone luxury brand (something new for Hyundai) in 2015, and it keeps breaking its own sales records. As of this year and under her leadership, worldwide sales for Genesis have reached one million vehicles. Marquez gives Pursuitist a peek behind the curtain for what is on the radar for Genesis in the coming years.

How do you see the Genesis brand evolving?

carThe automotive industry is changing rapidly, and Genesis aims to be a leader in the transition to electrification. In 2022, we launched our first three all-electric models (electric vehicles or EVs). From 2025, all new Genesis models that we introduce will be 100% electric, and our entire lineup will consist of only EVs by 2030. This will hopefully lead other car brands to follow in this eco-friendly position.

What do North American readers not know yet about Genesis?

steering wheelWe launched the Genesis brand in a very audacious way. Consumers of luxury vehicles in the United States were spoiled for choice, with so many competitors already in the market. We came in as “disruptors,” challenging the status quo. Over the past seven years, we have brought our distinctly Korean approach to the automotive world, with a mission to treat everybody as “son-nim,” or honored guests in Korean. Genesis tailors the automotive purchase and ownership experience for each buyer to create a stress-free experience. This is what sets Genesis apart from the rest.

What do consumers not understand about electric vehicles in general?


The auto industry is undergoing rapid change right now with the shift to electrification. Most customers are curious about what life would be like with electric vehicles. At Genesis, our goal is to help alleviate some of the uncertainty and provide a seamless, stress-free transition. For example, we recently launched Genesis Home, a residential electrification ecosystem that provides customers with access to solar energy and EV charging solutions tailored to their needs.

And when our customers are on the road, our electric vehicles’ 800-volt fast-charging system works great: a quick charge from 10 to 80% can take as few as 18 minutes, and 60 miles of range can be added in only five minutes.

What is your favorite innovation from Genesis?

carAt Genesis, we’ve worked hard to bring many world’s first innovations to market in our vehicles. One of my favorites is Face Connect in the GV60. For customers who live an active lifestyle, it could be cumbersome to carry your key fob or smartphone with you when going on a run, surfing, skiing or enjoying other activities. With Face Connect, our customer is the key to their own vehicle. With a simple scan of their face, they can easily lock and unlock GV60 without the need for any key. This is not just convenient, but also helps make GV60 one of the most customizable and personal vehicles ever built.

How does the dealer network for Genesis differ from other car brands?

car dealershipThe brand is opening new standalone retail outlets across the country. The first thing you’ll notice when you step into these facilities is that they don’t look or feel like a traditional dealership. The layout is open and inviting, furnished almost like a living room. This is because Genesis is a distinctly Korean brand, and we treat all those who visit us as “son-nim.” When you visit a Genesis retail facility, you are being welcomed into our home, and this type of approach provides greater transparency and a more pleasant purchase and ownership experience.

What is the biggest challenge for Genesis and how do you plan to overcome it?

people looking at carOur biggest challenge is that we are one of the newest players in the automotive industry. While the brand has already won numerous accolades over the past seven years, including multiple MotorTrend Car and SUV of the Year awards, we need to work hard to introduce our brand to even more consumers. Our top marketing objective is to create better brand awareness. This is already happening through a number of tactics including our new college football broadcast partnership and a PGA TOUR sponsorship, the Genesis Invitational.




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