Inside the First Porsche Studio in the United States

A Rendezvous of Luxury and Heritage in the U.S.: Inauguration of the Premier Porsche Studio in America.

It’s a remarkable day for car enthusiasts as the first Porsche Studio in the United States makes a grand debut in the vibrant city of Portland, Oregon, amplifying the city’s dynamism with the exquisite allure of Porsche.

Joe Lawrence, the COO and Executive Vice President of Porsche Cars North America (PCNA), expressed his exhilaration about this revolutionary concept making its way to Portland. “The introduction of the Porsche Studio in Portland brings an inviting and easily accessible space for customers to connect with the Porsche brand. It’s not just about purchasing a car; it’s about creating your dream car, having your car delivered, or simply relishing an espresso in a luxurious setting,” he said.



Situated amidst the trendsetting Pearl District of Portland, an area once filled with warehouses and now known for its art scenes, craft breweries, and the renowned Powell City of Books, Porsche Studio Portland promises an immersive brand experience. The grand opening saw the legendary rock band, Foreigner, ignite the night for over a thousand guests, further enhancing the already electrifying atmosphere.

Frank Geary, the Executive Vice President of Sunset Imports, the parent company of Porsche Beaverton, echoed the sentiment. “It’s a privilege and a thrilling opportunity to unveil the first Porsche Studio in America. Our faith in the brand, the products, and the community is profound, and what better place than this dynamic part of our city to introduce Porsche.”

As a part of the grand opening celebration, a 2003 911 Targa, meticulously restored by the adept technicians at Porsche Beaverton during the Porsche Classic Restoration Challenge of the previous year, was auctioned for a notable $61,000. The collected amount will support the commendable efforts of the Dougy Center in aiding families coping with loss.

An Inside Tour of Porsche Studio Portland

The newly inaugurated Porsche Studio Portland is a boutique-like edifice spanning 12,920 sq-ft across two floors. The inviting setup allows visitors to explore Porsche’s illustrious history while also getting a glimpse of its ambitious future. A delightful bar and lounge area spotlight regional culinary delights and beverages, including artisan coffee locally roasted. The ambiance is further enhanced by the display of local artwork interspersed with a rotating showcase of Porsche’s iconic vehicles.

In the configuration space, customers can sift through an array of inspiring customization options, crafting and ordering their dream vehicle. Existing Porsche clients have the luxury of dropping off and picking up their vehicles for service at Porsche Beaverton right from the Studio. Furthermore, the Studio extends courtesy vehicles, rideshare options, and test drives.

Inside the First Porsche Studio in the United States

The Studio also plans to host a variety of community-centric events and activities ranging from yoga days to wellness weeks, solidifying its commitment to engaging Porsche enthusiasts and locals alike.

Contact Information:

Porsche Studio Portland 1432 NW Johnson St. Portland, OR 97209 503-718-6040

The opening of the Porsche Studio Portland marks a significant chapter in the legacy of Porsche in the United States, blending a rich heritage with contemporary luxury and community engagement, offering a unique experience that extends beyond the traditional boundaries of automobile showrooms.


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