Inside the Most Exclusive Nobu Yet – Nobu Privé in Dubai

Introducing Nobu Privé at Atlantis, The Palm

The Art of Nightlife Elevated – By Invitation Only

Dubai, the land of architectural marvels and opulent experiences, just added another jewel to its crown—Nobu Privé. This isn’t just another lounge; it’s a masterclass in exclusivity and refinement, situated within the iconic Nobu Dubai. Imagine sipping on artisan cocktails as you take in the awe-inspiring vistas of Dubai’s skyline and the Palm Island from the 22nd floor of Atlantis, The Palm. This is not just a venue; it’s a statement, designed to transform the concept of nightlife into an elegant art form.

Inside the Most Exclusive Nobu Yet - Nobu Privé in Dubai

A Venue for the Select Few

But don’t think you can just waltz in. Entry here is the modern-day equivalent of a golden ticket. Only three pathways lead to the plush interiors of Nobu Privé: possession of the elusive black member’s card, a personal invitation after indulging in a Nobu dining experience, or booking a minimum spend table.

The Fine Print: How to Access This Hidden Gem

Contact them directly through their dedicated mobile number (+971 56 547 4046) to book a table with a minimum spend starting from AED 1,000 per person. This not only secures your seat but also grants you unlimited access for the evening. Alternatively, become a patron of Nobu Dubai and let your palate be your ticket. Those who dine in the MICHELIN Selected restaurant might find an invitation to Nobu Privé extended their way post-meal. And for the cardholders, simply flash your black member’s card for seamless entry and special privileges, including access to invitation-only events.

Design & Atmosphere: Where Luxury Meets Elegance

Once inside, you’ll quickly notice that the lounge itself is an embodiment of haute couture design. Modern lines blend with natural materials to craft an atmosphere of sheer elegance. Complementing the aesthetic is the sophisticated lighting, offering a cozy yet upmarket feel. The pièce de résistance? Floor-to-ceiling windows that frame Dubai’s mesmerizing skyline, making it an integral part of your Nobu Privé experience.

The Entertainment & Culinary Journey

Here, the DJs don’t just play music; they create the ambience. On Fridays, The DUO DJs Jenn Getz and Alfie fuel the night with nu-disco and funky house, while DJ Emir brings in old school and commercial remixes on Saturdays. The cocktails are curated by an expert team of mixologists, ensuring your spirits are as high as the 22nd floor. The beverage brilliance is complemented by a culinary journey that includes a range of shareable bites like lobster wasabi sour cream tacos and wagyu dumplings with spicy butter ponzu.

The Nobu Privé Transformation

As the night matures, so does the mood at Nobu Privé. What starts as a serene lounge ideal for pre-dinner cocktails metamorphoses into a dynamic club experience. Here, dancing isn’t just permitted—it’s encouraged.

Contact & Social Channels

Ready for an unparalleled experience? Make your reservation at Atlantis Dubai’s Nobu Page or reach out at 04 4 60760. Social butterflies can also get a sneak peek through Nobu Dubai’s social media channels, @nobudubai and @nobuprivedubai.

A Closing Note

Nobu Privé isn’t merely a venue; it’s a revolution in the art of the high-end nightlife experience. Those who step into this world of magnificence aren’t just guests; they become part of an exclusive narrative that’s redefining luxury. Welcome to Nobu Privé, where every night promises to be an epic tale of sophistication.

Located on the 22nd floor of Atlantis, The Palm, Nobu Privé is open Friday and Saturday from 10pm to 3am.


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